These Stardew Valley Hacks will Make You a Pro of the Game

Stardew Valley is one of those games which not just focuses on money-making but also lets you have fun on the farm. You can go for an animal haven, an arable paradise or a mix of both. You can even give up all that and turn into a professional fisherman or miner. You can make the most of this game by following some simple tips and hacks. Playing becomes a lot more fun with these easy tricks. 

Look Out for Free Items

Stardew Valley Hack comes with a plethora of free items that you can forage while walking down the town. Keep your eyes open for daffodils, leeks, dandelions, and horseradishes growing in the wild. Leeks and dandelions restore health and energy when eaten. You can sell daffodils for 30 grams per pop. Don’t forget to visit the south-east side of the map in Spring as a little farm in the corner has fresh spring onions daily. They make for an exciting snack that restores energy. 

Turn on Your TV

Although this sounds a little too relatable to our real lives, always switch on the TV and go through the channel while you get ready to sleep. Flick through your weather channel to check the next day’s weather. If it’d be raining, you will not end up wasting time in the fields and instead, visit the mines.

Cooking and survival are the other important channels that you must watch. The Survival channel can help you in learning handy tips as well as supply you with occasional foraging advice. The cooking channel featuring Queen of Sauce will make you learn recipes for increasing your energy and health.

You can even watch the channel of the fortune teller to get a quick idea of how your luck will be. On the days of high luck, visit the mines as well as fish more to get better chances at finding rare items.

Keep Your Bag Upgraded

If you want to make serious dosh on Stardew Valley, don’t be reluctant to spend all your cash. You need to have bigger pockets for the hard-earned money. A bag is sold by Pierre which can increase the player’s slots in personal inventory from twelve to a whopping twenty-four. This would be perfect to store all the items which you want to sell and have collected.  You might think you are spending a lot of money, but, 12 slots get filled up very fast.

Focus on Stardew’s Community Centre for True Progression

While playing Stardew Valley, your prime focus must lay on the game’s Community Centre. Although it does not have links to making heaps of money, however, it plays a vital role in unlocking Stardew world’s potential to its optimum. Various primary features remain locked until you are done with any of the six sections of the Community Centre. One of the most useful parts is the Boiler Room which helps in traveling all across the town. Moreover, there are options for bus and bridge repairs which you must focus on for unveiling all that the Valley has in store for you.

Now that you know some of the most useful Stardew Valley hacks; go, get started!